National Roof

Glue and nail together the four side walls with the vents opposite each other facing out, using 1.5” nails.

Assembling the roof side walls

Glue and nail the four head space laths around inside of roof, flush with top of the side walls, using 1” nails.

Fitting the laths to the roof

Check roof is square. Using drawing pins, pin the ventilator mesh over the slots in top board.

(Note: for the Budget roof, the top board may be made up of several pieces)

Fitting mesh over the ventilator slots on the roof top board

Turn top board over and glue and nail it to the frame created, using 1” nails, ensuring that the board vents line up with vents in side walls.

Attaching the top board to the side walls

Place metal over the top board and nail along the sides, using 1” nails.

(This may require the use of a bradawl to make holes in the metal)

Fitting the metal cover to the roof

Printable copy of these roof assembly instructions