National Open Mesh Floor

These instructions are for the Thorne’s budget OMF.

Each pack contains 1 yellow plastic slide, 1 galvanised mesh base, 2 deep side joists, 1 deep front lath that fits under the mesh, 1 shallow back lath that fits on top of the mesh, 1 pair plastic runners, 1 pack of nails.

We recommend the use of a waterproof PVA glue and pre-drilling of all nail holes to avoid splitting the timber.

Place both side joists on a firm, flat surface, slot to top as shown. Nail plastic runner below the slot to form a right-angled ledge. Runners to be parallel with both the bottom edge and the slot and flush to one end.

Fitting runners to an open mesh floor

Nail the deep front lath at the end of plastic runners below the slot, flush with front and bottom edges of side joists using two 2” galvanised nails from each side.

Assembling the open mesh floor frame

Nail shallow back lath above the slots at the opposite end using a 2” nail on either side.

Slide the galvanised mesh through the slots and fix in place using the drawing pins provided.

Fitting the mesh to the open mesh floor assembly

Slide in the yellow plastic sheet under the mesh on the plastic runners.

Download a printable copy of these open mesh floor assembly instructions