Modified National brood box

A Modified National brood box comprises two outer walls, two inner walls, two top locking bars and two bottom locking bars. Also included are a pair of frame runners and a pack of nails. The outer walls each have two long grooves and 4 cut out slots, the inner walls are plain and slightly smaller.

Start by attaching a frame runner to each of the inner walls. Attach the runner to one edge of the inner wall using the brass escutcheon pins ensuring that the runner is spaced equally from each end of the side wall.Inner wall showing position of the frame runners

Mark the outer wall 7/16” down, adjacent to the long grooveMarking position of top of inner wall on side wall

Apply glue to the grooves in the outer walls and then push the inner boards into the groove, ensuring top of runner coincides with mark.


Assembly showing the position of the inner wallsApply glue to the inner faces of the locking bars and then push them into the slots, bevelled type at the bottom.

Assembly showing where the locking bars fit

Nail through outer walls into inner walls using 2” nails. Nail locking bars into position using 2” nails. Nail locking bars from inside 3/16” down from runner, using 1 1/2” nails. Showing nail positions for the completed assembly

Printable version of these brood box assembly instructions