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Bollington Library colony

Last month I removed a colony from the cavity wall at Bollington library. The building was undergoing some refurbishment including a new roof and new window frames. The colony was in the cavity wall below a window. The bees entry point … Continue reading

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Early Spring Feeding

Last week my bees were enjoying the unusually warm weather and I saw them foraging on snowdrops in the garden. Checking on the consumption of fondant on the colonies I found two which had eaten most of the fondant put … Continue reading

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Human Planet

The BBC are running an amazing series right now which focusses on human relationships with the natural environment. Last week they showed Tete in the Congo scaling a 40m tree to collect honey. I doubt we would have so many … Continue reading

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Neonicotinoid pesticides

For a few years now there have been concerns raised about the effect of Neonicotinoid pesticides on honeybee health. Use of these has been banned in some countries whilst research is carried out into the risks. Early this week, Martin … Continue reading

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Storage of spare equipment

Spare beekeeping equipment is valuable and needs careful storage to ensure that it is kept in good condition ready for use. Honey comb, especially brood frames, represent a valuable source of food to wax moths. Empty boxes also provide an … Continue reading

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Microscopy course

Last week I delivered the first of the National Diploma in Beekeeping (NDB) short courses. The two day course covered microscopy for beekeepers and how to teach it. We were fortunate to have the use of a super training room at … Continue reading

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Varroa mite to self destruct?

Scientists claim they may be able to halt global honey bee losses by forcing the deadly Varroa mite to self destruct. A recent press release describes how researchers from the Government’s National Bee Unit and Aberdeen University have worked out how … Continue reading

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Oxalic Acid treatment

I’ve just treated all my colonies with oxalic acid this afternoon. That should hopefully see off most of the varroa in the colonies and help them get off to a good start this year. All the colonies were alive and … Continue reading

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Queen Marking colours

Happy New Year! This year (2011) the standard queen marking colour is WHITE. A different colour is used for marking honeybee queens each year based on the year in which the queen is reared. Five different colours are used as standard … Continue reading

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Winter feeding

With the recent spell of very cold weather, colonies will have been using up their honey stores more rapidly than normal. As the outside temperature drops, the winter cluster becomes tighter and tighter in an attempt to conserve heat. If the … Continue reading

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