Microscopy course

Last week I delivered the first of the National Diploma in Beekeeping (NDB) short courses. The two day course covered microscopy for beekeepers and how to teach it. We were fortunate to have the use of a super training room at a brand new honey farm in Devon.

View of the course in Devon

View of the course in progress. Photo by Reg Godwin

We covered honeybee anatomy and slide making for disease diagnosis and pollen analysis. It was a lot to cover in two days but I’m sure everyone learnt something, including me. I am running the course again in Cheshire later this month, with a few changes based on experience from the first run through.  

Acarine mite in the trachea of a bee

Acarine mite in the trachea of a bee. Slide preparation by Sue Hoult, photo by Reg Godwin

Overall it was a success and several comments made during the course have encouraged me to add some pages to the web site covering microscopy as it relates to beekeeping. I have only added a few bits so far, but I have lots more to add as time allows. I have also added a range of microscopy tools and equipment to the shop. I have been selling these for several years but this is my first venture into on-line sales.

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